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‘About me & my blog’

My name is Vicky and I was born in the north-east of England in 1975, but lived most of my life in the South of England, in and around Northamptonshire, until I moved to New Zealand in 2007. I’m blessed to have a gorgeous, amazing and talented daughter. She’s now a young lady and soon to be a mother herself. I met my husband and best friend over twenty-five years ago and we have journeyed through life together with lots of happy times along the way as soul mates. Sadly, he passed away in 2017. It was sudden and devastating and I’m working on rebuilding my life without him. Life will never be the same, it will be different, and I hope one day to feel the happiness I once did when we were together.

I have mostly worked within administration, including local government and healthcare. For a few years I co-owned and ran a small construction company along side of my husband, which we wrapped up when we emigrated to New Zealand. I am now a trained professional presently working as a Freelancer, offering a proofreading, editing and writing service, however I feel that after four years working in a competitive and somewhat dated profession I am in need of a new challenge next year involving training and learning a new trade that will take me on my next vocational journey. I was running our farmstead in rural Canterbury, but I have now moved to a lovely suburb of Canterbury called Darfield on a much smaller residential section, yet still room for my dogs, cats and a couple of Muscovy ducks.

Moving to the ‘Land of the Long White Cloud’ was mainly enthused by my husband …I was prepared to try-out another country. I am pleased to report that I am now settled for the most part and happy living here. The most painstaking part of shifting to the other side of the world is being away from my mum.

I love to write and I also enjoy reading. I have gained diplomas in creative writing, book editing, proofreading and publishing.

What’s my blog about?

We lived in a kiwi homestead set upon ten acres of farmland that was built in the late 19th century and spent six years renovating it ourselves. We nearly made it to the end before my husband passed away and were hoping to sit back and enjoy all our hard work. It was the renovation that inspired me to write this blog and my first post is where it all began:

Renovation takes time—a lot of it, especially when you do the work yourselves. My blog also has other aspects that are personal and general. I love reading other peoples’ blogs too. The world is full of creative and interesting people!

I hope you enjoy my ‘blogger’ site as much as I enjoy writing it!

Photo: Me with my daughter – 2015


  1. From one immigrant to NZ to another…you have a great little blog here. Will be back for more

    • Thank you! Hope you’re enjoying living in New Zealand.

      • Love it here…it has been 19 years now.

      • That’s a long time. You must be well and truly settled in to NZ by now! We’ve been here for five years.

        I had a look at your blog, which I thought was very intriguing, I will definitely be back to look at some more of it when I have time. Really great blog. Hope all is going well with your novel? That is one of my goals, but I haven’t reached the time in my life yet where I feel I can give it the dedication and stamina required to write a novel. Have a great day!

  2. I’m new to blogging and just stumbled over yours because of the daily photos. I’ve enjoyed visiting your blog! You’re a lovely writer and a lovely photographer as well. Linda, a Yank Boomer.

    • Thank you very much for your kind words Linda and I’m glad you enjoyed visiting my blog. I am fairly new to blogging myself too and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by!

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