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Homemade Scotch Eggs

In Non-Fiction on October 23, 2015 at 11:12 am

Having failed miserably to find a decent scotch egg in Christchurch, New Zealand, I decided to have a go at making my own. The result was awesome! I highly recommend making your own, but they can be time consuming and messy during the coating process so keep a warm bowl of soapy water to hand so you can keep cleaning your hands to prevent creating messy egg balls!


7/8 eggs

approx. 700g of pork sausage meat

3 chopped sage leaves or a teaspoon of rubbed sage

a handful of chopped parsley (fresh rather than dried is best)

cup of flour

2 cups of panko crumbs

1 litre of (good quality) frying oil

Salt and pepper



  • set one egg aside for later7ed51714-7112-4721-807e-a4217822a6f2
  • boil remaining eggs for four minutes (six if using duck eggs), cool under running water, shell and set aside

In a bowl, mix herbs and sausage meat together and divide into equal portions. Using wet hands to prevent sticking, create a flat patty shape with the meat and place a boiled egg in the middle of each patty folding until the eggs are covered.

Using separate containers or plates, place the flour, egg (beaten) and crumbs on them for the coating process.

Take your time and carefully roll each meat egg ball in the flour, then the egg and then the panko crumbs and set aside.

Place in the fridge when finished. Can be made the day before cooking if desired.9ea814bd-d189-4e41-a44e-6ae15d354d65


Preheat oven to 150 degrees Celsius.

In a high sided pan (a wok is ideal if you have one) heat the oil. Don’t overheat! Test after a few minutes with some of the crumb and see if it sizzles.

Carefully lower each scotch egg into the oil using a large draining spoon. Cook two or three at a time for 5-8 minutes and drain on paper towel. Finish in the oven 5-8 minutes.4f23444c-2edc-4281-b8dc-b1a8195686e8

Serve with salad, chutney, chips, mayonnaise – or whatever you want! Eat hot or cold!









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