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The Back Room

In Renovating/DIY on February 8, 2015 at 8:12 am

I know I’ve said this before, but this room has been a huge transformation from what it was previously. Also, it was an idea that has waited over three years to be achieved. This is where We call it the Laundry Room but it’s much more and one hell of a large laundry room to be just that. It’s the storage hub of the home and the back entrance to the house too. The house had no storage and now it does! It’s so nice to do the washing without squeezing in to the tiny space where the washing machine used to live; shutting the door before you could open the machine door, move the basket, open door again – Oh! Such a pain! Not anymore! Plus I can do the ironing in the same room, although come winter and no heating, I’m not sure if I will be in there then!

We also have a sink—excellent—somewhere to wash hands after seeing to the animals and gardening. And (oh so exiting) we have a place to hang coats and put shoes! Hooray! It’s amazing how being without organisation of such things brings such joy when you have them!

There is a linen cupboard, so no more keeping linen in wardrobes or draws and other bedding items in zip bags! To have organisation in the house after all this time with things such things as bedding and somewhere to put the vacuum and ironing board is immense for me.

IMG-20130614-WA00012013-07-03 14.16.47




So what did we do? Well… Mr C did nearly everything, however my ideas are awesome of course! I did do quite a bit of painting and spent a boring amount of time stripping, sanding and painting the very old window. It doesn’t open anymore, but doesn’t need to with a door right next to it. It was in pretty bad shape when I started stripping it back. I’ve considered putting a blind up and decided not to for now as the room doesn’t get much light as it is and there’s no privacy required, however I might dress the window in the future. We made good use of the long back wall and Mr C built in the huge cupboards using MDF and pine. He did all the plumbing himself (because he’s clever like that) and bought the base units, new sink and taps and plumbed in the washing machine. The plumbing was complex and took some time to achieve because the waste had to join the bathroom and fortunately he was able to just about reach the pipes under the house by taking up the floor. He used the remainder of the pine to make a counter top, which we decided to stain much darker than the cupboards to give a bit of light and shade, and as I had already got the coat rack and shoe store in my mind to be rustic, it would fit perfectly with that too.

Hunting around for the coat rack was proving difficult, I knew what I wanted but could not find it, unless we were going to pay a silly amount of money. Mr C then remembered the raw cut up macrocarpa timber in his workshop—perfect! He sanded and stained the wood to create the most wonderful rustic coat rack and shoe shelves too. They are the most favourite thing of mine in the room!



20140703_225715 20150129_131617

20150129_131511 20150129_132202

Last but not least—the floor! After vacuuming and sweeping a concrete floor for years it was finally covered up with laminate flooring. What a relief. To see the room and to walk in to the room with a floor was awesome.


What was once a huge unliveable back room is now two functional rooms that have purpose.  I am thrilled.

July 2011 057 1373423001388









Where the renovation of this room began:









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