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Daphne’s Christmas Ducklings

In Non-Fiction, Poultry on January 5, 2015 at 8:25 am

I don’t think I could tire of watching little fluff-bum ducklings discovering water for the very first time; the anticipation as they approach the water-filled tray alongside mother duck, watching as she takes the first drink and then they know what they’re embarking on is safe. That old saying ‘like a duck to water’ couldn’t be more right as they are soon happily immersed in what’s natural.

20150101_130932-1  This is Daphne’s second time round, although it’s only a few ducklings rather than a clutch of offspring. She only had one spring duckling before, which fortunately turned out to be a girl and I’ve named her Bella—of course I had to keep the first ever duckling to hatch! She’s beautifully bright white with blues eyes, exactly like Daphne and is already displaying her mother’s sweet nature too. Unlike the other two Muscovy ducks, Daphne builds her nest in the chicken’s coop, therefore I only allow her to have a few eggs to keep the reproduction numbers down. Bella was the result of only one egg being fertile in spring that she incubated and now she’s hatched out three little darlings out of the four she sat on. Eventually they will all be rehomed when they’re old enough.

IMG-20140923-WA0000 IMG-20140903-WA0004

Daphne with her first ‘Bella’



This is Bella now and no longer following mother duck around!


There are not many ducks and drakes left here from spring’s hatch. Jemima had 6 girls and 7 boys and a few have gone now. Twilight had 5 girls and 10 boys. All the girls have nice new homes, but sadly (unless you like duck meat) the boys went on somebody’s dinner table. As I’m a softy and didn’t grow up on a farm, although I wish I had, that part is a bit tough as I round them up and prepare them for collection with the knowledge they are going to be eaten. However, if I am overrun come the beginning of autumn this may be our reality. Mr C likes roast duck! It’s the first season for me so I’m sure it will get easier. I rest assured that whilst they are living on our property they have a good life and not all that I sell get eaten. And that’s the nice part; hearing about the ducks you’ve bred are running, or flying around in a new home. Two of Twilight’s offspring even went to live up in Kaikoura.

20150101_130501-1 IMG-20141101-WA0008

IMG-20141104-WA0001 IMG-20141225-WA0036



When the heavens open and the rain pours down, the chickens are nowhere to be seen,

but you can always see the ducks!


Happy New Year



The three girls, Jemima, Daphne and Twilight

approx 16 weeks old when I got them two years ago.


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