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Potter (verb): mess about, dabble, dawdle, amble, and go slowly

In Non-Fiction on October 11, 2014 at 4:47 pm


One of the things I love to do when the mood takes me is to ‘potter’ — have a pottering day or afternoon or morning. Pottering is doing what you feel like doing at your own pace. If it’s a—let me sort out this cupboard—potter, it presents the opportunity to get rid of anything you don’t really need or like anymore. Some times these days happen for me after moving from one room to the next due to renovating, which requires re-organisation every time.

When we first moved into our home and started our ‘project’ there was no need to unpack all of our boxes, which amounted to a twenty-year collation of: personal, useful, needed or wanted possessions as well as memorabilia. Apart from kitchen necessities and our daughter’s belongings, we’d only be unpacking everything to pack it all back up again as we made our way through transforming each room.

As well as pottering around in the house doing these little jobs (especially good for a rainy day), I like to do this around the garden too. Pottering involves nothing strenuous like the normal gardening required that has to be done, more sauntering around and doing what you feel like rather than what you have to do.

The other day I found an array of belongings. Do I want to keep them all? Sometimes you have to be harsh with yourself and realistic. However, one item I came across, in a little box was my daughter’s first pair of shoes. Oh yes, I have to keep them, (I wonder what happened to my first pair of shoes?). It’s these moments that remind you of how fast the time goes with your child. Coming across these little scuffed shoes is like finding treasure to me. Now her little shoes are big shoes on the feet of a teenager, and she is developing all the time in to a young lady with her own opinions and ideas. She’s intelligent, beautiful, kind, funny and passionate about her own beliefs. Winnie the pooh, mermaids and putting on plays has been replaced with One Direction, although she did mention the other day that she doesn’t like them anymore, it’s now another band I can’t even remember the name of.










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