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Last June we moved in with Charlie

In Non-Fiction on September 18, 2012 at 12:34 pm

Last June we moved in with Charlie

Our cat, Charlie, has lived in our house longer than us. We don’t know where his life began as he was originally adopted at eighteen months old by the previous owners of our home. From there on he lived with them for four years before we bought the house and his owners moved out!

Charlie basically never left, except for the two days he was making his way back to ‘his home’ and new people (us) whom he’d never met. Traveling across fields; losing his collar a long the way, he sat on the window sill outside of our bedroom and he must have wondered what the heck was going on! When my husband saw him there and opened the window he jumped inside. He picked him up and carried him into the living room where I was sitting and said to me “Look what I’ve found”.

My husband (who is actually allergic to cats) put the small, skinny, black cat on the floor. He then ran down hall, (the cat not my husband!) pushed open the door of the bedroom where our daughter slept and went in.

“He seems to know where he’s going,” I said.

Being animal lovers we decided to let him stay that night.

During the hectic days of settling into our new home; we never thought about the cat much and where he had come from, we were surprised when he came back again. For the first week his visits were sporadic. We couldn’t determine what sex he was as he didn’t like it when we tried to check, so Rebecca convinced herself it was a girl and we named her Chloe. Obviously ‘she’ who is a ‘he’ never responded to the name!

There had been no mention or evidence of a cat when we met the owners—we had met their two dogs, which were actually offered to us to adopt because they were going into rented accommodation (that’s another story) but no mention of a cat. It took no time at all for our daughter to claim the mysterious night time visitor as her own. I contacted the vendor to query the black cat to be told that he was theirs and they revealed his age and real name. They said that we could keep Charlie!

“If your daughter’s become attached,” They said.

Our daughter was relieved she didn’t have to hand him over!

From that day on he became our pet ‘black’ cat who tolerates our pet ‘black’ dog. I always like to say that ‘we moved in with Charlie’. He is now part of our lives and he must have been very unsure what was going on for a while, but his personality came alive after a few months and we wouldn’t want to be without him. My husband would probably disagree if he were asked. He has built up immunity to his ‘cat’ allergy and Charlie likes to sit on his lap. He says he tolerates him, but he often fusses him, talks to him and feeds him!

It’s quite unusual to gain a pet with a house, but nothing about our purchase was ‘usual’ — that’s a long story, which played out for quite some time.


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