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The Family Bathroom (or, our daughter’s bathroom …as she likes to call it)

In Renovating/DIY on June 14, 2012 at 2:17 pm
We’ve moved on to room number four of our renovation: the hill is just as steep, but we’re moving farther with each step. The old bathroom suite has been removed—except for the toilet—and the prepping has started.

The ‘Job’ List:

  • Remove all skirting board (done)
  • Remove door and architrave from the doorway that houses the separate toilet (done)
  • Remove part of the plasterboard (1200mm from the floor) to put insulation in the walls (done)
  • Replace plasterboard, join, plaster and sand joins to make good
  • Make frame for new bath (done)
  • Carry out plumbing alterations to enable fixture of a shower over the bath (done)
  • Strip, sand and repair both windows (one done)
  • Take out spotlights and patch up holes.
  • Fit new 3 in 1 light, heat and extractor fitting to centre of the ceiling
  • Paint all woodwork
  • Paint walls with first coat
  • Paint ceiling
  • Tile bath area
  • Paint walls with second and even a third coat of paint
  • Wallpaper feature wall
  • Lay flooring
  • Fit toilet, sink and any other fixtures
  • Dress windows

Phew! Have I missed anything?

A few of the jobs on the list have already been done. I did remove the plasterboard (GIB) on two of the walls myself—using an angle grinder for the first time (to cut across the plasterboard) and some muscle power. My other half then proceeded to fill the walls with much needed insulation or ‘Batts’ as they like to call it in New Zealand, which stands for Pink Batts (we have noticed that most items are referred to by their brand name). I then spent Saturday morning sanding and prepping the main window in the bathroom.

The time has now come to make definite decisions on the: tiles, wallpaper, paint and so on… and of course I need to make a trip to the fabric shop and get my sewing machine out!

I know the colour scheme and the style I want to achieve and it’s important to get it right. We will be living with this bathroom for a long time. You can always change colours, curtains and accessories, but it comes at a cost. So as always I’m giving everything careful consideration as well as being frugal. I found some nice accessories today in the sale that will complement the look nicely and I also bought a wonderful handmade mosaic from a local artist.

The bathroom suite we have taken out was in better condition than the one that was removed from our en-suite. Therefore, this can be passed on as second-hand thus putting any money we get for it back in to the cost of our bathroom renovation.

The bath was an absolute bargain and purchased from our well known New Zealand Internet trading site. In an ideal world where money was not an issue I would have loved an old traditional claw footed bath, but they are very expensive to buy here, but with the money saved on the bath we have ordered a heritage style pedestal sink to give a wee bit of authenticity to the house.

  1. I just love the title of this post!

  2. I once took a home repair class from the local community college……. Your post has taught me more!

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