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Retreat, Slumber & Relax

In Renovating/DIY on January 31, 2012 at 8:49 pm

Another room finished and further up the renovation hill we climb. Our bedroom and bathroom is complete and ready for us to enjoy and slumber. We’ve gained back our privacy after sleeping in the lounge for weeks and now we can relax for a while until the next project begins in a couple of months time.

My husband has done exceptionally well with the building work and I am pleased with the atmosphere we have created. The room radiates with the peace and harmony I wanted to achieve.

The lath and plaster walls were already plaster boarded, which saves time and money. They’d been papered a couple of times and then painted yellow. The paper was therefore stripped and the residue was removed using a sponge and water. All imperfections were filled in and rubbed down. The corner wall joints were prepared with builders joining tape for a better finish and then plastered and sanded down until smooth. A ‘miss’ coat of emulsion was painted on to the walls. Any further imperfections from the prep then showed up and were re-plastered and sanded ready for the first top coat of colour.
The original doorway from the bedroom in to the bathroom was blocked up and moved to the right for optimum space in both areas.

We had changed our plans a few times. We considered a walk-in-robe from the bedroom in to the bathroom, but it would have reduced the bathroom floor space dramatically.

We opted to spruce up the existing built in wardrobes, decorating the inside in coordination with the bedroom and I drew up a plan for the inside storage to gain maximum usage for both of us. The original doors were discarded and my husband made new doors using MDF and added decorative beading, paint and new handles. The wardrobes were transformed.
I wanted to completely move away from all typical bedroom colours that we’d had over the years. Fortunately the carpet was in good condition and just needed cleaning to freshen it up, so that saved money having no flooring in the boudoir to replace. I handmade roman blinds, contrasting the colour scheme. The material has a shiny sheen with a subtle white pattern throughout. They complement the bedroom well and I finished them off with heritage brass blind pulleys.

The brass chandelier compliments the colour of the room and is also complimentary to its other brass counterparts: the blind pulleys, door handles and door hooks. They are also heritage and to add to the old style, an Edwardian mounted light switch is fitted to complete the look. I purchased the chandelier second hand, which in turn saves money. Dressing the bed is an important factor and I have a couple of different looks with colours to pick out different aspects of the room. A change on the bed is good so that boredom doesn’t set in. The duck egg blue cushion was a gift and this colour goes lovely with the colour scheme, which I have also continued through in to the bathroom with towels and pottery.

Bathroom design is just as personal as a bedroom, whether to have a shower or a bath? There’s plenty to think about. We had a decent space to work with after knocking down the wall that housed a separate toilet. We wanted optimum space and although we could have squeezed in a bath it would have been squashed, therefore we fitted a corner shower, a good sized vanity unit and a new toilet. This left more than adequate space and also we added a piece of our bedroom furniture.

I’m guessing that the en-suite was originally created and fitted in the 80’s and comprised of a seperate toilet, a curtained shower with a stainless steel tray and a vanity unit. It was well used and tired.The picture on the left shows the toilet wall coming down. Below is the bathroom door that lead to the hall way, which we decided to block up and just have access via the bedroom. This also maximized the area and freed up space.

I’m delighted with the space and new fixtures. It’s spacious and it is a vast improvement. We purchased the shower from the internet, which was much cheaper than in store. The vanity unit is a good size and we have actually used the mirror from the old bathroom. Two extractor units are in place to keep moisture out – very important with old houses. There’s one above the shower and one in the ceiling that is also a combined heater and light.

Finished off with some stylish accessories that bring it all together with warmth and personal taste. Sufficient storage, towel rails and space to move around.

 With a second project now complete, and probably the largest to come with the exterior of the house, it’s always a learning curve and renovation on a budget takes planning. My project book is beginning to look very active now.
© Victoria Clements 2012


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